Microsoft Office 2016 Full Versions Activation Key (Permanent Activation Method) Free Sharing

Office can be said to be Microsoft’s fist products. Whether on desktop or Mac platform, Office 2016 has a place in the Office series, and whether you’re a beginner or an IT elite, it will help you. Especially a few MS Office software like word, excel, PPT can be said to be the leader in the office field. From the mature Office 2003 to today’s Office 2016, it has been the focus of consumer attention.

Since everyone needs a Office 2016 product. How to permanently activate the Office 2016 each edition? as well as the method of activation. Today I’m going to tell you what kinds of ways to permanently activate your copy of Office 2016.

Method 1: Using Serial number (activate by product key)

This is the safest and most formal method. By obtaining a legal serial number (CD key) to activate, but only if you have the official serial number to get Microsoft’s endorsement. Normally activated by regular channels, you need to spend lots of money to buy legitimate license, but often we get the Office 2016 key that we can use in other ways (save us up to 80%). Here I will share some of the genuine Office 2016 product key can be used, but it may be expired over time. Don’t worry, we will update the product keys for OFFICE 2016 in time to share good resources, please check the corresponding version, different versions need different activation code.

If the below keys expiration, we suggest you to buy cheap but valid product keys for your Office 2016 packages:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 Product Key

If you need the key for another version of Office 2016, you can find and purchase it on the page below:

Download Microsoft Office 2016 Product Keys list for free

Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus:


Microsoft Office 2016 Visio Pro:

  • [Key]:VPKCP-96NGG-6888Q-3FTVY-43KY7

Microsoft Office 2016 Project Pro:

  • [Key]:93N8W-W8HD8-R7M7R-K8WFY-3GPQD
  • [Key]:CGW9N-DR7K6-636BK-C8VJ7-BDW3D

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional:

  • [Key]:GGN2G-KFCYX-G38YD-FC87Q-H22X7
  • [Key]:NP4QM-BMRG3-G8D6M-8BC4W-78RQV
  • [Key]:V4PG8-NK3WC-RG6X3-RWB37-X77HH
  • [Key]:XKK79-6GNKP-FVDCH-K24VH-3J3VH

Microsoft Office 2016 Project Std:

  • [Key]:M9R3N-WJ6VB-FP3B8-J94M8-PKCQM

Microsoft Office 2016 Home Business:

  • [Key]:YQ82T-2N8TH-FM4GF-G2T7Y-B4G7X
  • [Key]:PDRT2-NTX32-X2BGX-VXV8J-78RD9

Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student:

  • [Key]:RXVQN-93PF2-3H94R-BFKFH-GCQH9
  • [Key]:HG83C-N3F2V-V32CQ-WPVXX-CDKV9

Microsoft Office Word 2016:

  • [Key]:342HH-FNBQT-D42D7-Y9X4Q-49CTD
  • [Key]:T8HNG-D69V2-94CQ2-3XKKY-HT92Q
  • [Key]:YY2CW-79NJT-3KM88-98BCG-KTPTD

Microsoft Office Excel 2016:

  • [Key]:T2NR8-D9XBG-YWMH4-7JK7B-XBT7P

Microsoft Office Access 2016:


Microsoft Office Outlook 2016:

  • [Key]:8NFD7-9MT3V-8RVC2-FW23H-G6PPX
  • [Key]:3MBDN-FXD8Q-GVGGK-TX8H4-6Q76K
  • [Key]:74WC9-BNH6Q-HTPM7-CFTMP-HH689
  • [Key]:846DJ-N9GBP-2P46T-VMR4P-TMT89
  • [Key]:FCJX4-BVNJ9-444CM-8GMK7-R9CPX
  • [Key]:TJD9N-9J78H-Y6399-YJ8G2-3YH6K

Microsoft Office Power Point 2016:


Microsoft Office Publisher 2016:

  • [Key]:DYQ2H-NP789-TV9KF-XXG9C-RVV7R

Direct download Microsoft Office 2016 offline installer setup file for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 for both 32 (x86) bit and 64 (x64) bit architecture. Microsoft Office 2016 ISO image download.

The free download link is here: Microsoft Office 2016 ISO free download

Office Activation steps:

Step 1: Enter any of the Office 2016 product components, such as: Word 2016, and then click its “Activate Office” interface, click the “Enter Product Key” button, as shown:

Activate Office

Step 2: Then in the pop-up “Enter your Product Key” window to enter the OFFICE 2016 key we posted above, click the “Install” button to activate it, as shown:

Enter your product key

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